Installation Instructions


The Small Body Mapping Tool is supported on the following platforms:

In previous versions of the SBMT, Java was required to be installed before running the tool. The latest version now includes Java itself within the release, so it is no longer required to install it.

Download the tool

The Small Body Mapping Tool is distributed as a self-contained zip file. Download the version appropriate for your platform and follow the steps below.

For those who have previously used the tool, please note that we no longer support launching it with Java Web Start. The only way to launch the tool now is by downloading one of the above files.

Steps to launch the tool:

  1. Download the appropriate file above for your platform.
  2. Unzip the file to any folder
  3. Navigate to the 'sbmt' folder
  4. On Mac and Linux platforms, run the 'runsbmt' shell script. On Windows, run the 'runsbmt.exe' program.

Previous Releases

Previous releases of the tool can be found here.