Analyzing and interpreting data returned from small body missions is currently difficult due to the large amounts of data returned and the difficult to understand formats in which the data is often stored in. In addition, the highly irregular shapes of small bodies such as 433 Eros or 25143 Itokawa add further difficulties and 2D-based tools are not well suited. The Small Body Mapping Tool (SBMT) is a 3D tool designed to address these issues and attempts to make it easy to quickly search and visualize small body data.

Quick Start

Latest version: sbmt-2017.07.18

Download the file below appropriate for your platform, unzip, navigate to the 'sbmt' folder and run the 'runsbmt' program.

For more detailed installation instructions, including system requirements, click here.

For those who have previously used the tool, please note that we no longer support launching it with Java Web Start. The only way to launch the tool now is by downloading one of the above files.