Small Body Mapping Tool

Tutorials for the SBMT

The tutorials below will teach you how to use the Tool to search for spacecraft data, interact with shape models, map structures, and import custom data. The SBMT User Manual contains additional helpful information.

Getting started with the SBMT

This short screencast shows you how to download the SBMT and run it for the first time. It also provides a quick tour of the SBMT's features and functionality.

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Introduction to the Small Body Mapping Tool

This tutorial explains the basic architecture of the SBMT, summarizes the publicly available data in the Tool, describes the user interface, and shows how to save the state of the SBMT and restore a previously saved session.

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Working with shape models

This tutorial explains how to select a shape model, manipulate shape models, work with shape models using the control panel, and export a shape model.

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Searching for data

This tutorial explains how to search for, visualize, and interact with images, spectra, and altimetry data.

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Mapping structures

This tutorial explains how to draw structures, add names and labels to structures, save and load structures files, and change the display properties of structures.

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Importing custom data

This tutorial explains how to import custom shape models, images, and altimetry tracks.

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Overview of the Small Body Mapping Tool

This slideset provides an overview of the basic features of the SBMT.

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Importing Image Files into the SBMT

This slideset provides an example of importing your own image into the SBMT.

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